Who we are

Shayegan Innovation can offer you consultants that specialize front-end technology and strategic experience design. Furthermore, Shayegan Innovation’s consultants love nothing more large-scale complex projects and delivering functional tools that are intuitive and provide the best user experience. Our methodology and digital solutions helped create new industry standards since 2005.

Joseph Torres Owner at Shayegan Innovation

Strategic Digital Consulting

At Shayegan Innovation, we listen to your business goals and help you develop a winning strategy that is design-driven, technology-empowered, user-centered and business-led. With our experience in integrating new technology systems into a practical business setting and together with our continuous exploration for new technologies, we can help turn your vision into a reality effectively. We also take pride in our ability to exceed the expectation of the users and the client.

User Experience Design

Shayegan Innovation can offer experienced designers that specialize in immersing themselves with your business. Working closely with your users and your company allows our designed to gain a deep understanding of the needs of your company and your users. Our designers thrive in the face of a big challenge and are able to produce applications that are powerful and easy to use. Our interaction and visual designers work hand-in-hand with the technical development to help create a brand experience that is both useful and enticing for users.

Front-End Technology

Shayegan Innovation designs front-end architecture that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, content, and data. Our team of professionals designs, builds, test and deliver mobile, web, and desktop applications of the highest standards. By working together with your company’s IT team, we are able to deliver solutions that come with full UI layer integration and a heavyweight back-end infrastructure.

Up Close And Personal

Shayegan Innovation is all about you and your company. This is why we listen to your priorities and business goals. We also research on the needs of your audience, the competitiveness of your industry and the existing technical infrastructure and system solutions. Not only we talk to your users, but also to the people of your company to gain insights on the tools they use, day-to-day processes and the everyday challenges.

Quick Delivery

When the Shayegan Innovation’s UX team starts on designing, speed is one of the priorities. We build prototypes in record time and start testing with actual users. The next step is gradually fine-tuning the interactions and functionality with the ultimate goal of achieving the best possible results. This is our go-to approach as it’s lean, which means that we easily manage and minimize the inherent risks when working with large-scale IT projects.