What is an IRPM Qualification?


What is an IRPM Qualification?

Since its founding in 2002, the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) has offered those working in the sector a professional property management certificate. One of the Institute’s goals is to improve property management standards while also assisting property managers by offering opportunities for professional development within London’s premier residential property management company.

What is IRPM?

The Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) is a professional organization that seeks to establish industry standards for residential property management experts through managing agent, training and frequent evaluation through the IRPM’s Foundation, Associate (AIRPM) and Member (AIRPM) Exams.

Designations such as AIRPM or MIRPM can only be used by members who have completed the Member and associate exam to display their sectors of professionalism.

IRPMS’s Mission, Vision, And Values

To set the highest possible standards of Residential Property Management in the United Kingdom, the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) was founded. It offers its managing agent independent accreditation and nationally recognized credentials, and aspires to be the industry’s go-to resource for expertise, knowledge, and certifications. For the United Kingdom residential property management sector, IRPM is a dependable and trustworthy voice that speaks truth to power.

The mission of IRPM is to provide certified certifications to United Kingdom residential property management professionals, create professional standards, improve sector professionalism, assist the residential property management business, and challenge practices as necessary or appropriate.

IRPM Membership Levels And Exams

The most typical way to complete the three levels of the IRPM qualification is to go through them. These are Member (MIRPM), Associate (AIRPM), and Affiliate.

You must take and pass tests to advance to the next level. It may take four years to get from affiliate to Member if you are starting in the field. If all goes according to plan.

IRPM Foundation Exam

All fresh candidates sign up as Affiliates. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a requirement that must be met annually, which is the first exam you can take after joining the IRPM as an affiliate. This is the first step toward membership at the whole membership level. This test is available online and only has 100 multiple-choice questions. You have 60 minutes to respond.

Affiliates consent to follow the Code of Professional Conduct of the Institute and to pursue a career with the Institute.

Associate exam

You can take the associate exam if you have been an affiliate for a year and have completed the foundation exam. There is no online choice for this test. It is often done in a controlled setting. Its time limit is one hour and thirty minutes. The exam is based on the material covered in the IRPM foundation course and on your prior experience in the industry.

Affiliates are allowed to upgrade to Associate if they pass the Associate Exam.

Member Exam (MIRPM)

You are qualified to take the member exam if you have three years of experience and are an associate. Associates are allowed to upgrade to Member after completing the Member Exam.

Fellow (FIRPM)

To get this membership level, there is no exam required. The IRPM Board of Directors has the option to grant the status. Members having ten or more years of recent, relevant experience in residential property management are often eligible.

Additionally, they must show that their contributions to the sector’s growth have been substantial and go beyond what they have done for their own company or employer.

Our dedication to maintaining IRPM membership for our Property Members guarantees that we are continuously aware of industry standards and constantly working to improve our staff to provide the highest service and standards.

IPRM Qualification Costs

When requesting to become a Member, the Customer shall pay the Application Fee, the Subscription Fee, and the Subscription Fee once a year during the Renewal Period. Regardless of the outcome of the Customer’s application to join or application for a potential member, the Application Fee is not refundable.

At the commencement of each Renewal Period, the tax and price index will confirm the Subscription Fee for each year in writing. To avoid doubt, the tax and price index has the right to unilaterally change the Subscription Fee each year.

The tax and price index reserves the right to impose additional fees or levies on Member Firms for reasons deemed necessary for the tax and price index’s success. Member Firms must be informed of such fees and their reasons at least 28 days before payment is due.