Making college application decisions


Making college application decisions

Making college application decisions has continued to be a daunting process. Most students will either graduate with a degree they are not passionate about or fail to graduate at all. In fact, about two in every five people have not graduated with a degree in the past six years. The root cause is lack of awareness among high school students on the admission process.

However, high school counselors are trying to give assistance. Unfortunately, this has not gone down well. Considering the high numbers of students, they have to deal with, giving personalized assistance is hard. Also dealing with an increased number of different school options is hard. This leaves only a few high students well versed with the due admission process.

Top performing students looking forward to joining Ivy League performing schools will acquire a private admission counsel. This is in a bid to secure personalized and reliable advice. These counselors rely on their broad experience when it comes to admissions. They will help students in overcoming various challenges that emanate from the whole admission process. Though this service is given at a cost, it is worth every dollar. The students get to easily grasp the requirements when applying to these top performing schools. Some of these student counselors have even written books while others hold TV shows related to college admission. To reach this feat, means they are indeed gifted in this area.

University the admission process

Unfortunately, not such personalized services are accessible to every student. This is due to the different financial status of families. Hence, they will have to rely on those services given by school counselors. In most cases, this is very stressful considering the high number of participants.

Getting affordable personal services will be of great help to students. Fortunately, there are career and admissions tutors who offer their services at a considerable price. Capitalizing on them should bring a lot of benefits. Besides, technology is also of much help when it comes to admissions and career choice activities. Currently, there are applications and computer operated counseling services. Some of the best counseling players include Collegewise, Ivy Coach and Focus Admissions. Also, earlier face-to-face online meetings via skype also form a reliable platform for sharing this admissions information. They are dependable school IT services, students can depend on.

CollegeVine is one of the online services students can really benefit from. It was established by 3 high school teenagers hailing from New Jersey, studying at Montgomery Township. Vinay Bhaskara, Johan Zhang, and Zack Perkins are the brilliant minds behind this computer counseling firm. These teenagers were focused on getting rid of the complexities that accompany the whole University admission process. They wanted to make it easier for affluent students to get into some of the best universities.

Their idea was to use students who had successfully navigated through the admissions process. These students are now being hired to help their fellows to overcome this milestone. To date, CollegeVine has hired almost 700 students studying in top performing universities like Duke, Stanford, and Harvard. These so-called counselors are paid $20 or even more every hour. They work via Skype to help high school juniors and seniors. The holders of this idea also attended some of the best universities with two of them attending Harvard and the other schooled at University of Chicago. At 22 years, they have dropped out of college and earned $7million in business capital funding. They also boast of 65 employers at their headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And they have more than 6,000 clients.

Students are expected to pay close to $1,500 to make the most out of this service. The founders claim that it has a higher success rate in terms of students joining top performing colleges. This service focuses on essay writing. Students are allowed to write drafts of their essays which are read by counselors. Mistakes are identified and solutions issued.

When it comes to colleges, there are some great options to consider. For instance, Lexus universities, Toyota Camry Universities, Honda and Chevy schools. Getting to these prestigious universities some great insight. Such insight can be provided by CollegeVine, Focus Admissions among many more online student counselors. Students are encouraged to make good use of School IT services when in need of university admissions information.