IT was reluctant to support BYOD


IT was reluctant to support BYOD

Information Technology (IT) was reluctant to support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Currently, Digitisation and Chatbots are redefining IT service management best practices.

According to a study conducted on 323, IT service executives by ITSM (IT Service management) community many service desk personnel are confident Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments will not affect their jobs.

Nearly 16 % of the participants, nonetheless, were of the opinion AI will seriously affect their jobs by 2020, while 44 % felt it would only affect their works in some ways. Unpredictably, nearly one-third thought AI would have no impact.

Some IT service administration experts are of the opinion that despite the advancement in IT technology like Chatbots, which can facilitate IT helpdesk tasks, the better fraction of IT service desk workers seem to be in denial on the prospect AI may affect their jobs in some way.

Primary analyst and director of content at ITSM, Stephen Mann, told Computer Weekly: I do not think it will take too long before Chatbots are utilized internally.

He added, AI like IBMs Watson has the capability to support chatbot for just 27 dollars per month, implying AI is far much cheaper than employing humans to oversee IT helpdesk.

He likened Chatbots to an advancement of Self-Service offering self-service on steroids before adding that the technology will eliminate most of the easy tasks.

However, in Mann’s experience, most IT departments rarely realize a return on investment from self-service IT, meaning the uptake of chatbots is likely to be hampered as well.

Mann holds the view chatbots will probably take over certain more straightforward errands on the IT service desk, allowing workers to tackle the more demanding problem-solving tasks, as opposed to just following predefined scripts.

Altering the Role of ITSM 

According to Mann, the IT service desk should reconsider its purpose. Only 24 % of the participants of the study believe present ITSM best practices keep up with dynamic business and IT landscape, whereas 77 % thought a lot still needs to be done to satisfy the demands of millennial workers.

According to Mann, for an IT desk to succeed it must get the client experience right; something people expect when they aren’t at work. He added, customer experience makes all the difference and IT departments must appreciate that IT service delivery, support, and management must be closest to the consumer world than ever before. Eventually, the IT industry still needs to invest more to perfect current IT support. Staff performance is mostly measured based on metrics that focus on the number of help desk queries that are resolved every hour. Mann reasoned such metrics might not primarily provide a precise indication of the ability of the help desk to motivate employees to continue working efficiently by making use their IT problems are resolved fast and efficiently.