Guide to Laboratory Management Systems


Guide to Laboratory Management Systems

Laboratories perform many repetitive tasks daily. These tasks include tracking samples, keeping tabs on the results and analyzing and interpreting the data obtained from the tests, which can be very tiring and time-consuming. Also, the tasks require to be done very keenly to avoid errors. There is, therefore, a need for a way to manage labs efficiently and very fast.

Thanks to technology advancements, Laboratories can execute their tasks efficiently by installing laboratory information management system lims software. This software is specially designed to centrally control, manage, and analyze data obtained from the various samples’ analysis.

Laboratory Information Management Systems have become very important for many labs as they simplify data collection and data analysis procedures. LIMS software makes things easier by automating of the various repetitive operations, which could take more people to do and consume a lot of time. The system also gives more accurate results from the collected data making it efficient.

Scientist looking into a microscope in a Laboratory using a LIMS system.

What Is a Laboratory Management System LIMS?

This is a lab management software developed to increase and improve the efficiency and productivity of a lab. The software supports the lab operations by effectively and quickly analyzing and managing the various data and information from tests, samples, experiments, and results. The system also ensures that the operations undertaken by a lab are compliant with the set standards and regulations for operation. This is achieved by automating the whole process reducing the time and increasing accuracy significantly.

Types of LIMS

Laboratory management systems come in different types because all labs don’t perform the same functions. One gets a LIMS software that suits the nature of lab work they perform. Some systems focus on capturing data, some on storage and even the system information.

LIMS can also be classified according to price. Free LIMS software’s tend to have fewer functions when compared to paid ones. To get a quality and worthy software you should go for the paid ones which have more functionality and are even fast like the Sapio sciences LIMS software. They are quality management systems.

How LIMS Work and How It Helps Improve Labs

Depending on the requirements of the lab, one installs a laboratory management system that works and functions to favour most of the specific tasks the lab performs. By automating the tasks, labs can experience an improvement in efficiency and time consumed is significantly reduced. Below are some of the standard functions offered by LIMS software.

Management of Workflow

Having a LIMS in a busy lab performing research on a large scale with many technicians can be very can help in faster decision making within the lab, and a perform various tasks at once like;

  • Assigning functions to technicians automatically
  • Outline procedures to researchers and technicians
  • Outline the types of equipment to be used

With a good workflow, it is possible to dedicate more time to necessary research since the human resources will be available.

Sample Management

This is one of the critical functions of the LIMS. It gives technicians and lab managers a way to reduce errors and streamline the processes when doing research. LIMS reduces the chances of data collected mixing up or getting lost during transfers between different departments and researchers. You are assured of fewer errors when using LIMS because it provides accurate and detailed records of the samples and securely storing it. Some of the critical information it stores are dates, storage, processes and the technicians handling the samples.

Maintenance, Reporting and Management of the Inventory

Having a proper LIMS in place can be very useful, especially when it comes to identifying errors that occur in the lab frequently. It can also notify you when maintenance is required for the lab equipment and even keep track of the inventory, which is very important. A good laboratory management system will always give information about equipment to ensure they work as they are required.

The Best LIMS Software

Sapio Sciences is one of the leading providers of LIMS software in the world. With affordable prices, you can get a lab management software that caters to all your labs needs cutting on the research times and improving the efficiency of your lab.

Parting Words

Having a good and reliable laboratory management system can prove to be very important, mainly if the lab deals with a significant number of researchers and technicians. With it, in place, you can complete most of your tasks within a fraction of time and get more accurate results.