3 tips for IT services when hiring an IT manager


3 tips for IT services when hiring an IT manager

In order for a business to succeed in this modern digital era, it is very important to maintain a good public image. Just one complaint or one negative comment on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter can cause significant damage to the image of your brand. And once your reputation takes a hit, it will be very difficult to make a comeback. This is why it is extremely crucial for all businesses to maintain a public-friendly image. And your reputation will definitely improve if you manage to provide high-quality customer service to all your clients. This is why the role of an IT Service Desk Manager has become very important. And since your reputation is at stake, you should be extremely careful while hiring an IT service manager.

Outdated Hiring System

As per the CEO of SysAid Technologies, Sarah Lahav, many businesses struggle to fill the role of IT Service Manager. As per her, the IT industry had changed dramatically over the past few years, but there has been no change in the hiring process.

Our 3 Recommendations

Consider these 3 tips from when hiring an IT Service Desk Manager (curtesy of IT Support Hampshire):

1. Write the job description properly: The job description is a very important part of the hiring process. Before applying for a job, every person will go through the description. And if you want the top talents to work for your company, the job description part should be very well written. Since the IT service delivery is all about customer service, you should always look for someone with great social skills. You can teach them technical skills at any time during the job, but if someone’s social or communication skills are poor, then he or she won’t be suitable for the job.

2. Focus on the important things: While going through the CV of a candidate, try to figure out whether the experience of the candidate will be suitable for the job or not. The IT industry is always changing. You should try to understand whether the applicant is aware of the current technologies and whether he or she is adaptable to change or not. As per Sarah Lanav, you should look beyond the usual resume jargons and try to understand the entire career of the candidate so far. If you go through a CV with great attention, it is very much possible to get an idea about the personality of the candidate.

3. Ask proper questions during the interview: Even if you are in a hurry to fill the vacancy, you shouldn’t go through the interview process quickly. Since IT service desk employees are the first person a customer will contact in case of any problem, they will be aware of all the issues with the product and is in a great position to improve the quality of the products. Hence, it is very important to ask the right questions, so that you can get a good IT service desk employee who will add value to your company.

And it is also a very thankless job. They will always have to work under pressure and deal with the customers. Hence, to get a better idea about their skills, you can present some situations that might arise during the job and ask them how they will deal with it.