Who are we

The Shayegan Innovation team are down to earth, practical business people with many years’ business and consulting know-how.

We have decades of professional experience working with people and their knowledge. In addition to our people development and organizational expertise, we offer strategic systems thinking and business systems analysis skills. We are not just consultants though; we have respected academic credentials in knowledge management and have sound management experience in business. We empathize with the challenge of getting things done in the real world.

We like to believe we are adventurous and pragmatic and that we make a difference, working with clients for a purpose.

Yvie Shayegan
Prior to creating Shayegan Innovation, I was Director, Global People Processes & Systems, responsible for ‘BPR’-ing (business process re-engineering) the people bits of a huge US multinational. My challenge was to change the way the organization managed and developed people. My challenge was to improve the organization’s business ‘know-how’ in a flat market place where takeovers were rife and product innovation was limited by strict legislative controls.

Times have moved on. My title is shorter now but knowledge management is still my specialty, providing international expertise in knowledge strategy, organization development and strategic knowledge systems implementation.

Over the last 18 years I have worked in and consulted for a variety of industry sectors, (from airlines to zymologists) including companies such as Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, British
Airways, ICI, Seagram Spirits & Wine Group, Thomas Cook, Unisys, Shell, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, several major US banks, and the UK Central Government. In the dot-com days I
was also closely involved in the start up operations of a couple of incubators and e-business clients. These projects have ranged from single site, one day workshops to large scale knowledge strategy implementation.

Having an MSc. in Knowledge Management & Consultancy has really helped to underpin many years of practical business experience with the rigour of research and thinking that is so often lacking in consulting work. For those that care about such things, I also have postgraduate qualifications in HR Management and Organization Development. Although I have written a few papers I have not got around to formally publishing them. You’ll find some of the papers on the ‘Tips & Links’ page under ‘Articles’.

I am somewhat of a nomad, having spent my early years in North Africa. I have also worked and lived in Spain and the UK. I have managed projects in over 20 countries spanning Europe, the USA and Asia and most of my consulting work has a multicultural element to it.

Graham Sarjantson
With over 16 years IT experience mainly as a business systems analyst and consultant. I have worked on a real diversity of projects for companies such as Lloyds of London, Union Bank of Switzerland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of England, London Stock Exchange and Bank Leumi.

Much of my experience is international and I am fluent in English and Danish. I have extensive development expertise in client-server, internet, intranet and extranet environments: BMW (Internet & administration interface), Mćrsk Air (Internet & administration interface), Grey Danmark (Intranet & Internet), Dansommer (Internet & back-end integration), Favřr (eCommerce, Internet & Point of Sale), Scandinavian Garment Services (Internet, WAP & back-end integration), Mac-Baren (eCommerce & Internet), Lithuanian Ministry of Energy (Relational database document control system.

In brief I would state that my strengths lie in business analysis and system design based on a thorough understanding of user and company requirements on a global scale.