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These are some of the questions our clients have found helpful when thinking about knowledge in their own organization.

1.  What is your organization’s definition of knowledge?
2. Why do you want to manage your knowledge?
3. Why now?
4. Do you have an existing knowledge strategy?
5. Where is knowledge to be found (and lost) in your organization?
6. Where can you find outside knowledge about your organization?
7. What do you want to do with your organization’s knowledge?
8. What knowledge is the most/ least important to your organization?
9. Which knowledge is the easiest/ hardest to manage?
10. Who manages knowledge in your organization?

Now ask yourself the same questions again. But this time, replace the word ‘knowledge’ with the word ‘ignorance’. What additional information do you get?

Perhaps some of the following links will help you in your thinking,


Against The Gods / Bernstein.PL.
Data Smog / Shenk. D
Dialogue At Work. / Dixon. N.
From Know-How To Knowledge. / Gladstone. B.
Funky Business / Ridderstrale. J & Nordstrom. K.
Knowledge For Action / Argyris. C.
Knowledge Management & The Role Of HR. / Harman. C & Brelade. S.
Language Shock / Agar.M.
Living On Thin Air. / Leadbeater. C.
Making A World Of Difference. IT In A Global Context / Walsham. G.
McDonaldisation Of Society / Ritzer. G.
Riding The Waves Of Culture / Trompenaars. F.
Situated Learning / Lave.J & Wenger. E.
Sophie’s World / Gaarder.J.
The Biotech Century / Rifkin. J.
The Dream Society / Jensen. R.
The Living Company / De Geus. A
The Politics Of Management Knowledge / Clegg. SR & Palmer. G.
The Tao Of Pooh / Hoff. B.
Working Knowledge / Davenport. TH and Prusak. L.

Web Links

Brint Publishing
Business and technology portal and global community network for e-business, information, technology, and knowledge management.

Fast Company
Covers news, features and issues of the “evolving new economy and workplace.

Ignorance Management Assessment
InterNLnet’s benchmarking questionnaire – assesses how well your organization mismanages its knowledge, or to put it another way how well you perform ‘Ignorance management’.

Indigenous Knowledge
Helps communities, organizations, and individuals build partnerships, share ideas, and work together to reduce poverty. It provides an insight to the concepts of indigenous and global knowledge.

Knowledge Nurture
Buckman Laboratories website has been established to provide a resource to help people learn about knowledge management.

Principia Cybernetica
Looks for answers to age-old philosophical questions with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies.

Society for Organisational Learning
SoL is a global learning community dedicated to building knowledge about fundamental institutional change.