What Do We Do?

You can never make a company better on the outside than it is on the inside’. If you ask us what we believe in – then it is this statement, made by a Scandinavian CEO.

Our motivation stems from helping executives figure out what their business knows AND as importantly what it doesn’t know.  Here are some examples of work we have done:

Develop global knowledge strategies

Knowledge at any time, in any place. That was the brief from one international client. We helped our client to identify the priorities for knowledge management. Their objective was to ensure that all 1000 employees in one globally dispersed and diverse group could access information wherever they were working.

This group of employees was responsible for providing internal support to other company employees. They needed to be able to provide a consistent and efficient service in a cost effective manner. We worked with their IT people and Organization Learning managers to deliver their objectives.

The outcome was a detailed requirements proposal for their yet to be purchased database, a newly articulated training needs analysis and a communications plan for all employees.  When the client recommended us to her colleagues we were confident she was pleased with our ability to implement.

Design knowledge events

We have designed and managed several large scale communications events where the purpose is to generate new knowledge in the organization and beyond the organization.  For example, one client needed to work closely with their own customers to better understand some changing market conditions. We developed a conference to bring many of their customers together to work on a joint industry problem.

A highly collaborative environment was created using state of the art electronic facilitation tools. As a participant said at one such conference, ‘The electronic facilitation was a new experience but I think well worthwhile pursuing. We learned more and contributed more in half the time it would normally take’.

Support knowledge change initiatives

The back office function of a financial services client was re-organized as a result of a cost-cutting exercise. A number of employees were made redundant as a result. In addition, the employees who remained were required to use a new and unfamiliar technology to do their work.

Our role was to help identify where the knowledge actually resided in the new structure, what needed to happen to improve the flow of knowledge and why resistance was occurring in adapting to the changes. This was a relatively small team but a complex situation nevertheless.

The project required sensitive people skills, an ability to listen, understanding of change management and familiarity with the technology being used. Although this was about change, it was also about conservation. Many tried and trusted practices were still valuable and it was important not to lose these. In his feedback, the client said ‘Thank you for the support, it was of huge benefit’.

Review knowledge systems

We were invited to critique a client’s current choice of Human Resource  Information System from a knowledge management perspective.  We assisted by taking an independent view from the software provider.

We helped the client review what core data they needed and what they would then do with that data to improve decision making. Then we analyzed how the system helped and hindered the way knowledge was captured, analyzed and dispersed into the organization. As importantly, we explored how the new  HR Information System complemented the way people used informal approaches for getting things done in the department.

We helped the client to decide how much of the new system he wanted to implement, how to implement it and how much to customize it to existing practices.

Create people policies for knowledge workers

We have developed reward and recognition policies specifically geared at improving knowledge in the organization. In one client,  the brief was to understand how knowledge management could help them. Ultimately the client wanted a detailed proposal showing how to adjust their existing reward policies to support their desire to improve innovation.

In another organization, the priority was to retain the knowledge that was being lost to the business through retirement and general turnover of employees. Simple solutions such as developing alumni groups and effective exit interview processes were a part of the strategy review.

Deliver knowledge workshops

Most of our workshops are designed and developed as part of a client project. We find they are an effective way, although not the only way, to get a group of people thinking about the knowledge challenge and to work collaboratively on that issue. We also run ‘open’ workshops which anyone can attend.

One Day Workshops
These workshops are aimed at people with a curiosity for developing their own and their organization’s knowledge.

1. ‘Knowledge Imagineering’© – developing your own knowledge strategy

2. Project managing a knowledge system implementation

3. Managing the power & politics of knowledge

4. Human Resource management’s role in knowledge management

5. NLP & improving knowledge communication

The above one-day workshops cost £295.00 + VAT per participant and are normally held in London, UK.

Other Workshops
In addition, we run advanced workshops in the following areas. These week-long workshops cost £1475.00 per participant. (Accommodation costs are not included). The advanced workshops will be of interest to new and existing practitioners in the knowledge field,

1. Mastery of knowledge – The theory, methodology & tools

2. Knowledge consultancy – Effective consultancy skills for delivering knowledge management

If you are interested in attending any of the above workshops and want more information, or would like to discuss a specific need. Please contact info@shayegan-innovation.com