Who Are Our Clients?

As you would expect, Shayegan Innovation clients are established organizations and recently formed businesses, who are seeking out smarter ways of working. Here are some of them:

BMW Danmark
ICI Group Headquarters
Maersk Air
Shell People Services
Unisys Information Systems Europe
Watson Wyatt Investment Consulting

Our Fees

Shayegan Innovation typically work with clients on a project basis, lasting anything from one day to several months. We agree a fixed fee in advance, based on a defined scope of work and clear outcomes. This is the case whether we are running a one-day knowledge workshop or providing strategic consultancy for a major knowledge initiative. The following examples should give you a feel for how we price our consulting work.

Budget £295
You can attend a one day knowledge workshop

Budget £5,000
You get input for reviewing one of your people policies for knowledge workers
You can have a specially designed 1˝ day knowledge workshop for 8-16 participants

Budget £10,000
You get assistance with developing an outline knowledge strategy. Identifying priorities and action required for implementation.
You get an outline review of an existing technology and how it meets your business needs

Budget £25,000
You get a state of the art interactive communication event for up to 100 people using the latest electronic facilitation tools
You get a detailed review and support with a key aspect of your knowledge management implementation